Sunday, June 1, 2008

I did it!

Whoo hoo!

Me. Yes me, who thinks you should only run when chased finished a 5K.

I must say aside from labor it was perhaps the hardest thing I've ever physically had to do.

This wasn't your flat-coursed type of 5K either. Nor did I have months to prepare.

Instead, this was a hilly, sandy, muddy and even pine-cone trail-filled 5K and I had 1 - yes 1- week to prepare.

I finished in 43 minutes on the nose. Not the most glamorous time, but hey I'll take it. I will hang that number proudly above my treadmill as a reminder of where I started.

Because although I wanted to cry, throw up and even quit during today's adventure, when it was all said in done I wanted more.

Right now, despite my sore thighs, aching arms and screaming feet I am signing myself up for a few more races over the next few months.

I don't care if I come in first, nor do I care if I come in last. All that matters is that I challenge myself and come out stronger than I was before.
Thank you Karen for giving me a shove in the right direction!


MayRae said...

Congrats! Good to hear it was a positive experience leaving you with wanting more :)

Anonymous said...

You are awesome! Way to be tough and finish despite not much time to train! I can sympathize with the hills - I HATE doing hills. Good job!

Teri's Treasures said...

Moose! I am so proud of you! I commend you for doing that, its something I would love to try and havent gotten the gonads to do, you did great! :)