Friday, June 27, 2008

If yarn were crack.....

I'd be in serious trouble.

Ok this post is in honor of Beth again.

I promised that I would take pictures of my insane yarn stash and post them so that she would have ammo if her husband ever got upset with her over her recent habit of buying yarn.

I imagine a conversation going like this"

Beth's hubby: Geez how much yarn do you need?
Beth: Well, you don't understand. There are just so many textures and colors and every time I see a new type of yarn I think of all the great things I can make....
Beth's hubby: This is getting a little out of hand (as he stares as her two little tubs of yarn)
Beth: Don't even start to say anything. If you want to see a true yarn stash check out Moose's closet(s) This is how you know you're a true addict (shows hubby pictures of yarn engulfing our house)
Beth's hubby: THUD!!! (as he hits the floor)

You get the picture. Whenever my friends talk about their yarn stashes and their husbands irritation with it I just invite them and their husband over... problem solved.

Thankfully my husband is wonderful about my addiction to yarn. In fact he supports and encourages it. Why? Because crocheting has been the one thing that has helped me during these dark times of depression. He sees how happy I am when I'm working with a new yarn, laughs when I struggle and cuss at one.
There is nothing more exhilarating than seeing the look of amazement on my hubby's face when I whip out a new design or project.
Here is a man who works on nuclear reactors. A nuclear electrician who flew through one of the hardest schools in the navy without a problem telling me he's in awe of my abilities. ME.

Nothing beats that feeling.

He did, however, have a sort of intervention with me, when we realized we were losing things (ahem the cats) behind my massive yarn piles.

"Hey" I protested "The cats aren't complaining right... where's the problem"
"The problem?" my hubby replied "The problem is that somewhere in that black hole of a closet we have some wine. By the time we dig ourselves out enough to reach it, it will be vinegar."

Not much of a drinker it took a few seconds for the little light bulb to go on.

Ding! wine = relaxed wife = affectionate wife = lucky husband. AHA!

So for the sake of our marriage and my husband sanity last weekend I went through my stash and pulled out as much yarn that I knew I would never use.

AKA crummy Red Heart Super Saver that was given to me by someone else trying to get rid of it. Note: the three boxes of yarn on the porch are what I got rid of. It was a lot of yarn.

Also note: How much I still have left.

As for the pictures, the closet is of my office. There is yarn in every nook and cranny, color-coded, project divided and sorted by type etc.
The closet under the stairs holds my yarn bag with current projects and the bins containing the yarn for three sweaters.

Do you think they have a yarn-a-holics anonymous?


Beth said...

LMAO, thank you, I'm going to need this! At least you are very organized about it. So far mine is all in one tub (and a few bags that wouldn't fit in the tub) with no order about it what so ever.

TwoSeasideBabes said...

Moose, you still crack me up!

Anonymous said...

Haha, I can totally relate! I have so much yarn and fabric it is hard to even move in my tiny little rental! Aren't husbands so patient :)

MayRae said...

I'm gonna have to show this to my hubby and see what he says about my stash now! That is awesome! :) Although, you really may need a group after all :) Ha ha!