Friday, May 30, 2008

Reason 493 why I started Moose Threads

What can I say I love my pets.

Even if they cost me an insane amount of money.

No, they aren't prize-winning, pure-bred felines, but instead, your typical house cats plucked from a nearby "rescue facility"

One of my darlings (the one on the right) is aptly named Zsa Zsa Gabor. She is extremely affectionate but also an extreme dumb blond.

This is the cat who falls off counters, finds a way to pee on the floor despite standing in the litter box, sucks on people's earlobes and lastly - eats plastic. Yes eats,not chews, licks or sniffs, but EATS.

Her sister Magda (to the left)on the other hand (Ava was already adopted) has no quirks or health issues at all.

Well today, I forked over nearly $400 to my local vet (who I'm sure has paid off her car with the amount of money I've spent on ZZ there over the last two years) for yet another ZZ health crisis.

Not only did my poor little kitty have bladder crystals, a bacterial infection and some type of other infection, but she also was put on meds to help control her insane affection for ingesting plastic bags.

This lovely habit cost me about $400 as well a few months ago, when she developed a blockage as well as an ulcer.

She has had three bladder infections, two plastic bag adventures and not to mention he obvious yearly exams in the past two years.

Did I mention that she's not even three yet?

So enter Moose Threads. Not only does Moose Threads provide a creative outlet for me, but it's become my way to pay for my cat.

Why pay so much money for such a kitty? Why not put her to sleep -- some have asked?

Well, to me she is more than a cat. She is my cuddle bug on those long nights while my husband is on a sea patrol. She doesn't withhold affection or talk back, when I need a shoulder to cry on, or an ear to vent to.

And to me that's priceless.

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MayRae said...

After reading about your cat, mine doesn't seem quite so absent minded :) He does the plastic thing, but doesn't have any issues because of it. He has allergies, but they don't bother him. But he has had a few of those way too expensive vet bills! Not for a few years now. They are just priceless though, what would we do without our cats?