Monday, June 23, 2008

Not so Project Wonderful

Ok so I have snobby yarn tastes.

With the amount of money I have spent on my yarn addiction I could send David to college and he's not even 3 yet.

There is one yarn brand that I love called Noro. It's a Japanese product and comes in a variety of insane colorways and a very natural texture (aka skinny, fat, skinny fat)

So with my recent sock obsession I purchased two skeins that were totally different colorways. One that from the outside appeared to be purples, blacks and greens.
The other yellows, greens and pinks.

There was a ton of yardage on each skein (400 +) and it was $21 a skein.

Great! I thought. I can make myself some awesome socks.

Turns out that while the yarn is great for KNITTING socks. It sucks monkey butt (as my husband would say) to CROCHET socks with.

It didn't allow enough give to get the socks on and it was not easy to "frog" aka "ripout" when I messed up.

But this is me and I am cheap and stubborn. I refused to let this expensive yarn defeat me.

So I decided I was going to make a blanket with this yarn, which later turned into a scarf because I was lazy and got tired of fighting with it.

Because the yarn was of such a fine weight, I doubled up the skeins. Note how different I mentioned the colorways were.

This yarn self stripes so as I was progressing through this project I found myself crocheting with navy and peach, pink and puke green etc etc.

It was the oddest combination of colors ever.

My husband said it looked like someone ate a bunch of skittles and then got sick.

And thus the "Barf Scarf" had it's name.

I hated this scarf. It was a project that the more I worked on it, the more I hated it.

Yet for some reason, wherever I took this hideous project people loved it.

At knitting circle they raved about the unique colorwork, the textures, the stripes.

A friend called it "Bohemian"and "Inviting" Another deemed it "Explosive and Energetic"

I personally called it "Hippy Hurl Chic"

But sadly I must admit that my love for this scarf only came about for one reason -- money.

Yep, before I could even post it on Etsy I sold it. One of those friends bought it from me.

I guess it is true, one woman's trash is another one's treasure.

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TwoSeasideBabes said...

I almost peed my pants laughing so hard reading about your trials and tribulations with this scarf!