Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Cookie? What Cookie?

I've come to a realization.

Who needs government spies when all you have to do is send a bunch of toddlers to do the dirty work.

Not only are they small, but they are great when it comes to stealing things right under people's noses.

David is a very large and very loud 2-year-old. However, when it comes to getting to where and to what he wants, he instantly transforms into James Bond (He may be two but he knows how to use those baby blues when it comes to fooling people into helping him in his conquests)

We recently forked over $225 to have a double-lock deadbolt installed. Why? Because in the amount of time it took my husband to take a leak, David managed to climb off the couch, unlock the door, run across the deck, down the steps and all the way down the street to the neighbors.

Did I mention we live on a gravel road.
On the Hood Canal.
Off a major two-lane Highway.

A few days before his great escape I caught the bugger shoving one of our indoor-only cats out the front door. She was so scared she took off into the raccoon, possum-filled woods behind our house, that butt up against the highway.

I was in a quandary.

Either chase after Maggie and risk David shoving ZZ out the door - or even worse - locking me out of the house. Or stick my head out the window and yell for Maggie like crazy in the hopes that she, who has never been outside, will have enough common sense to run back toward the house.

Luckily she's the smart Gabor sister and within a few minutes she came running back.

All snack food in our house has also had to be put under lock and key. David has this special talent of making noisy, crinkly plastic bags magically go silent upon laying his hands on them.

These pictures are from a few days ago.

Note the COSTCO-size bag of Nilla Wafers. Also note his smirky grin as he proceeds to shove several cookies in his mouth, despite having just been caught. Talk about not cracking under interrogation.

Like I said.

Who needs Mr. and Mrs. Smith, with Agents Pampers and Huggies on your side.


Bubba & Rye said...

Super Cute. I know those moments of trying to think fast of what can you do, without endangering the other...except for us it is usually a kid running out the door, while the other is doing something else.
Love the photos...great blog!

MayRae said...

Ahhh kids! My son is not as talented as yours in the way of the spy, but he in his way there. He's a bit clumsy. Nice to see he keeps you on your toes :) Adorable mugshots!

terryann said...

My little girl decided to "shave like daddy" when she was 3... a gash in her chin made her change her mind... and come running for mom. I told him a million times to store his blades in the cabinet ABOVE the sink! He learned something that day too.

April said...

LOL. How is it that kids can take a food container and make it stealth. My daughter does the same thing. :)