Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Well actually I think my little lamb looks pretty good.

I was recently given the challenge -- ok well I was begging for creative inspiration -- from a wonderful Homefronter

I must confess I had a blast making this little guy. However, I did decide to add a little face to him after careful examination made me realize that instead of looking cute and cuddly, his lack of face instead made him look a little scary.

I pictured myself having nightmares filled with BAAAAAing sheep that somehow were reenacting scenes from Children of the Corn IV or something of equally B-quality.

I'm almost done with the red hat upon which this little guy will graze. Its being constructed out of a wickedly soft washable wool and will feature a brim. (yeah I admit it now. I'm not so bad at them after all)

Let me know what you think.


April said...

WOW. That was a fast complete challenge. SOOO cute. Can't wait to see the hat with him on it

Beth said...

Ok, that is flippin' cute. Great job, Moose. I knew you'd be good at the brims. ;)