Sunday, June 15, 2008


Ok so I ran another 5K and it was, I must admit, a fantastic self-esteem booster.

It was 3.5 instead of 3.1 miles and I finished in 45:45. Improving my overall mile time.

My ego has needed a good swift kick in the rear for quite a while now. Lately my self-worth has been in the gutter with thoughts of:

I'm too fat
I'm not "popular" enough
I'm not a wonderful mom
I'm not a good friend

Etc Etc.

Basically, I've been at the lowest I think I've ever been in my life in terms of valuing me as a person.

But thankfully I do have Karen.

A friend who not only has become a workout buddy at a time when Poptarts preceded pushups in my vocabulary, but who has become a support.

Not a support to lean and rest on, but one to push off and gain strength from.

She never tries to one-up me, or rub her successes in my face.

She encourages me to challenge myself, no matter how large or small the goal.

She's help me find something in me that I thought I lost long ago - the healthy athlete.

Well, I've chisled enough of the gloom away to see the athlete. Keep your fingers crossed I can uncover the healthy part over the next few months as well.

Here's so all my wonderful friends and family who keep me going!


terryann said...

go girl!

The Guise Family said...

Kristin, I just read this blog and I can't say thank you enough for the nice thoughts. I thought I was being a nag and a big pain in the butt. I am glad that I have helped keep you motivated. I will continue to check on your progress while on vacation. Not reason to slack off, RIGHT?