Monday, January 12, 2009

Crochet Conundrum

Ok well, I wouldn't really call my situation a conundrum as much as a "Holy Chicken Tenders! I have Moose Threads orders!" celebration.

After a disasterous holiday season paired with the idiocracy of the CPSIA's new standards for lead testing and children's items, I was contemplating putting the Moose to bed.

I was even more discouraged knowing that a "J" month was fast approachging and ask anyone on ETSY... "J" months are the worst for sales. I'm not sure what it is about that letter that causes people to snap their wallets closed faster than Britney Spears can ...hers... but it's a real confidence killer.

Only once 2009 officially arrived so did the sales.

It started with a request from an amazing friend of mine - Ms. Jessica - who asked me to created 6 dragonfly appliques around a piece of fabric.

I'll leave it up to her to let you know what she did with them, but you can bet the end result will knock your socks off! If anyone knows how to use color it's her.

Below is a pic of the little buggers.

The next order was from probably the best publicist a girl can have. Not only did my friend Christine help get Moose Threads off the ground, but she is awesome in terms of advertising my products. Why?

Well besides having the skill to sell ice to a snowman, Christine is my photographer, model booker and advertiser. She just rocks!

So after garnering quite a few items for her daughters closet from Moose Threads, Christine place an order for a scarf and hat set complete with submarine details for her son.

She also ordered a butterfly sweater and hat set for an auction fundraiser.

Next came a beanie order from a parent at my son's preschool. This one was unexpected but made me realize that wearing my own designs IS a good idea. I was having a bad hair day, so I shoved a new beanie design on my head that at the time I hadn't decided if I wanted to list. Within two minutes of walking up the school steps I was being asked:

1: If I made the hat
2: Did I have more of those colors
3: Could she pay me to make her one.

It only got better.

I arrived home that day to an Etsy convo from someone interested in my appliques.
They wanted to order 8 applique samples for a Trunk Show they were having for thier children's boutique.
The appliques were going to be affixed to different products and if people liked what they saw, I would potentially be receiving as many as 70- plus applique orders at a time.

At first I thought it was a joke or from someone looking for free items. But after a bit of convoing back and forth and a purchase of all 8 appliques at full price, I finally allowed myself to be excited.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed things will continue like this.

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I'm glad the year is off to an awsome start for you....
By the Way, those drag-flies are too cute.