Monday, January 19, 2009

And I'm doing this because......

It's been a frustrating few days.

All weekend the hubby and I have been attempting to decrap, sweep, mop, vaccuum, straighten etc the house.

Partialy because it needs some tidying after being negelected during the holiday season, but also because I was dumb enough to host a lunch thingymajiggy for a group that I'm really not a part of nor am sure if I want to remain a part of.
I'm not exactly number one on the popularity and invitation list anyway.

Don't get me wrong, the people who have RSVP'd I am excited to see and thankfully are people who know I am not a domestic goddess.
If I had to choose between mopping the floors or poking out my eyeballs with one of my son's hot wheels I'd say Vroom Vroom.
Cleaning with a toddler in tow is even worse. I liken it to attempting to put a diaper on a wolverine. Dumb idea to begin with that leaves you worse than where you started.

It's the unknowns (non rsvp-ers) however, who I find I'm cleaning like such a madwoman for. You know, those that you don't really know and aren't really sure if they are going to come, much less be as laid back as you are about the state of your bathtub or kitchen sink.

Scarliy enough I know people in real life who think that if a person's baseboards or refrigerator seal are not pristine then they are a lousy housekeeper. They even get an ego-inflating high from this.

Looks like I need to fill up that helium tank because as far as I'm concerned the cleaning lady has just been given a fully paid vacation to Mexico - indefinitely.

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