Sunday, August 31, 2008

Introducing Clyde the Camel

It's been an insane week in life and in the land of Moose Threads.

Considering that in the year I have been selling on ETSY most of my sales have been locally word-of-mouth and not always translated to online.

If I sold one thing a month I was happy.

Well this week I ran a Monday Madness Special of 20% off and free shipping. To some it would seem a bit extreme but in reality I was still making money off each item, just not as much as I normally would.

To my surprise I ended up with four custom hat orders, some inquiries about custom applique's and then I also sold an applique.

I was in shock and my husband thrilled because he is not only supportive of what I do but he knows how giddy I get when it comes to custom orders. I LOVE THEM.

One such order was from someone wanting a brimmed beanie for her camel-obsessed toddler.

He calls them "Clyde" and it had to have one hump - not two.

I was excited for the challenge and this weekend went about creating "Clyde."

Getting the overall shape was pretty simple, thanks to a rough sketch from my husband. I tried adding blue hair to the hump and it just didn't work. I tried to add hair to his head and he morphed into a deformed horse.

Finally I settled for a blue tuft of hair on his tail.

Let me know what you think. A for right now I'm starting to like the little bugger.


Beth said...

He's so cute!! Great job, love the color combo too.

Anonymous said...

Clyde is so cute! I think he is now one of my favorites of your creations!