Monday, August 11, 2008

Helicopter Help

Ok so I have a TON of stuff to blog about but that will have to wait as I promised and promised I'd post pics of my friend Fray's sweater.

Yet for some reason this sweater has been the biggest obstacle. I've never had trouble designing, sizing or creating but this sucker is testing my confidence and sanity.

I've had to rip and redo the hood three times. This is attempt NO.3 and I am scared it's too small when it used to be too big. I'll find out when my little guy can model it for everyone. He's about the same size at Fray's handsome man.

THEN I'm afraid the rest of the sweater is too big. It's longer than the measurements she gave me in the arms and the length, but I did that on purpose to attribute for crazy toddler growth spurts. And I made it a little roomier around just to account for layering.


NOTE: I have yet to tuck in my ends and to apply the applique design or add the rest of the snaps.

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MayRae said...

Love the sweater. It's looking great.

You've been tagged! Check my blog if you want to play along.