Sunday, July 27, 2008

Attack of the applique's

So I had some time finally to sit down and figure out some new boy designs. I have so many girly hats and not too many boy ones. I figure it's about time I even everything out.

Here are the two designs I came up with. A dinosaur and a snake. I decided to add the eyeballs to give them a more cartoony look.

I still think I need a few more designs. If you have any suggestions for what I can try to make let me know. I love challenges


Anonymous said...

I LOVE that snake! So cool! I also love how you made the dino's head turned backwards, so creative and unique! said...

They are both so cute. I'm so envious of your "talent". I'm amazed at people who can "just create" pattern..just an idea. My grandmother was like that!.

Keep up the great work!