Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Who knew?

Wow! I actually figured out how to set up a blog.

Though I must admit it's not as snazzy as some others that I have seen. But hey it works right?I have to admit it was tough trying to figure out a way to decribe what exactly Moose Threads is.

Yes I sell custom crocheted clothing.

Yes I make hats and sweaters.

But that's just the surface.

In actuality Moose Threads is who I am. It's my emotional and creative outlet. It was a salvation of sorts at a time when I wasn't sure who I was anymore.

Here I was, a happy, energetic sports reporter at a family-owned newspaper near my hometown. Yes it was stressful but I loved my job. It was a step in the right direction on the path to becoming a great writer.

But then fate happened.

Throw in a swim meet assignment, a handsome blue-eyed, black-haired Navy recruiter and what do you get?

A whirlwind courtship, a big Catholic wedding and an unexpected 1-year anniversary pregnancy surprise. Toss in transfer orders from CA to WA, a complicated pregnancy and you get a now unemployed, emotional former writer with few friends and self-esteem that's non-existant.

I was a mess.

Yet, somewhere in the middle of all this, I managed to pick up an old hobby - crocheting.

Soon I was drowning in yarns of all colors and textures. I was whipping out hats, sweaters, anything I could imagine.

I made my unborn son a "coming home" outfit. I made him hats to wear in the winter - beanies, stocking hats, applique hats -- you name it.

Soon people were asking me where I bought these items. And eventually this led to custom orders and eventually the creation of my ETSY store. http://www.moosethreads.etsy.com/It's been an unusual adventure and I can' t wait to see what's around the next corner.


MonsterBug Blankets said...

What a sweet story! :) I love your shop!!!!

pen said...

moose - I can totally relate. your handmade clothes are just gorgeous too! I loved reading your blog!

Anonymous said...

How fun to hear your story and how Moose Threads came about! I look forward to future posts!