Thursday, February 12, 2009

Rockets, requests and randomness

We've been on vacation in California for the past two weeks.

When your husband is in the military your vacations tend to consist of trekking to visit family during random times of the year.

This time we decided on making a 15-hour drive with toddler in tow, across mountain passes and busy freeways. Crazily enough we made the trip in one day without any complaints from our toddler and without a DVD player. A few new toy planes and cars were plenty of bribery it turns out.

After our first stop to visit family I was reminded of just exactly why we moved two states away.

Constant snide comments about my weight and about my parenting skills - or lack there of- were too much to take.

When a certain loved one told me to "Do myself a favor and not have anymore children for I'm ruining the one I already have" I felt like I'd been decked by a Jenny Craig dropout going through cupcake withdrawals.

In the meantime, though Moose Threads was technically on vacation I was deftly attempting to fill some custom orders out of courtesy despite having limited access to the yarn supplies I needed. At what point does one draw the line on customer service?

I'm surprised my head hasn't spun off my neck and landed in the pile of donkey dung that apparently I'm constantly stepping in in terms of my life.

Needless to say I'm looking forward to returning to WA.

On a good note, I did manage to finish a new sweater design that at the moment is intended for my soon-to-be-three-year-old toddler. He's obsessed with rockets at the moment.

This pullover is made from Cascade 220, a hand wash Peruvian wool I had in my stash. I created a rocket applique and tried something new in terms of my flight trail trademark. A matching hat created the ensemble.

I'd love to hear what you think of this new item.

On another note, I was given the challenge of creating a Thomas the Train applique by a dear fellow Homefronter. This is my best attempt. My husband was impressed... my toddler was screaming "Thomas, Thomas" and tried to run off with it... but my picky self doesn't know what to think.



Maddie and Mommy said...

Ah Family! New items look lovely, glad you found time to work on those as well.

Beth said...

Love the rocket sweater!!! The design, the colors, love love love it. And that is definitely Thomas, my son confirmed it as he passed by just now.

You know my opinion on the family situtaion lol. Hang in there, chica.

MonsterBug Blankets said...

Moose, I LOVE the extra details you make--with the rocket trails along the back! :) Sorry about family--we love them and they make us crazy!

Cindy said...

I love that sweater set, and Thomas is to to die for! I hope the grandbabies parents get stationed someplace cold...Vegas is not condusive to sweaters!

As for going home.... it is over rated once you've been in the military longer than 2 years... you want to go home so bad, but once you get there, you just don't fit into the same place anymore....we only visit for 3-4 days at a time now!

Bubba & Rye said...

Well I've missed you...tons, actually. I hope you didn't take any of it to heart. Plenty of people have plenty of judgements on how my kids are. I still totter on whether I want more, despite being told to STOP!