Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What a difference a dosage change makes

For almost a month I had been so lethargic I could literally sleep the entire day and not feel rested.

My depression felt like it was back in full force. I was hot. I was cold and I just overall felt worse than a diver on the receiving end of a massive whale fart.

It wasn't until my mom reminded me that all my symptoms always show up when my thyroid meds are off that decided to get them checked.

Turns out my levels were so out of whack that my doctor had to raise me up to 250 micrograms. This was the dose I was on while pregnant and landed me in complicated OB due to the high dosage.

I started taking the meds two weeks ago and I'm religious about them. My husband has also been great about reminding me since I have to take them on an empty stomach.

All I can say is I can feel a change. I'm not tired, I'm feeling a bit brighter about things and my hot flashes have settled down.

Now all I have to do is get some of this 210 pounds I'm carrying around off my heiney.

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