Sunday, February 22, 2009

Living the crazy life

It's been a crazy week back since our trip to CA.

The house is slowing coming back together and I think I'm winning the fight against the ever encroaching army of laundry.

I started back at the gym and was crazy enough to subject myself to the extreme embarrassment and insane intensity of an advanced step class.

Did I mention that I barely have rhythm?

Toss in a plastic step, fast music and difficult choreography and you'll find I resemble a hyperactive hamster with four left feet.

I'm determined to lose weight this time. I need to find some part of my former self that I know is in there somewhere.

I still have a lot of down days and I still am trying to find a place where I fit in socially, but I'm learning who my true friends are and that's what counts. To me friends of the heart are way better than friends of the face. Basically, people who truly care about you vs. those who just put on a mask and pretend to like you in public.

On the Moose Threads front I haven't really been working on any new designs. I'm a little burnt out.

I'm finishing up a sub hat and scarf set for a friend and I received notice that I'm to expect a large applique order sometime next week from the boutique place.

In the meantime I've been attempting to organize and catalog my insane yarn stash. Every few months I have to basically do what any business does - inventory.

I have to note what I've used up, what new yarns I've received - and arrange them in storage bins that make it easy for me to find what I need.

Since I haven't done this in a long time, all the closets in my house look as though Sully from Monsters Inc. lost his cookies in them. It's a technicolor, yarntastic mess.

On a more exciting note the trip to CA made me realize how dependant I am on good the Internet to run my business.

With a shop on ETSY, one on 1000 markets and a lot of e-mail interaction with customers I was shocked at how much I missed when I didn't check up on things for just two days.

Now that I'm working with other businesses in terms of my appliques etc, I really needed to be on the ball.

So I sucked it up and used a portion of the Moose Threads profits I'd been stashing away for the past 6 months and bought a 3G iPhone.

I needed something that had wi-fi and true Internet access. Something I could take, edit and e-mail photos with. Something I could use to answer e-mails and convos.

I've only had it for two days and already I'm in love. I'm finding I'm more efficient with things and I'm not holed up in the office chained to the desktop. It even came in handy entertaining my husband during our 30 minute wait for dinner last night. ESPN at your fingertips!

It was more money than I would have liked to spend on a phone and accessories but I think it was well worth it.


Beth said...

Congrats on the applique order coming in! I knew it'd work out. ;) Haha, hindsight is 20/20 as usual.

Maybe I'll break down for an iphone next year. We'll see how business goes this year. I'll wait and see how you like yours hehe.

Time for us to schedule a get together, girl!

Rebecca said...

What a great way to keep away from the computer when you just need to quickly check your email! It is nice not to have to shut down your shops when you have to be out of town.